Lewes Bonfire – A Fireworks Night to Remember

Lewes Bonfire Montage
Lewes Bonfire Montage

Lewes Bonfire Societies take over the streets of Lewes with their insanely realistic costumes and pageantry. Whilst crowds of excited revellers flock to the streets to celebrate and enjoy the the explosive entertainment during the grand parades and spectacular Bonfire & Fireworks displays in the otherwise quiet & leafy town of Lewes, Sussex.

Excited crowds applaud the explosive throng of energy during grand parades and spectacular Bonfire & Fireworks displays (start at 10:45) in the Sussex town of Lewes.


I was super impressed by the high quality of costumes (mostly hand-made) and presentation during the special Bonfire event in Lewes.

Lewes Bonfire - The Cardinal Knows who Nose
The Cardinal Knows who Nose
Lewes Bonfire - Castle House
Castle House
Popes Passage

The Societies gather for the Bonfire & Fireworks spectacular and grand parade through the crowded streets of Lewes.

Lest We Forget

Featuring celebrity effigy appearances by Theresa May, Donald Trump, Guy Fawkes and Kim Jong-Un.

Kim Jong-un
Fire Brigade
Theresa May
A Fond Farewell

An immense sense of comradery amongst all of those involved.

The Station

With Special thanks to the Lewes Bonfire Societies: Waterloo, South Street, Cliffe, Commercial Square, Lewes Borough, Southover and Nevill Juvenile. And a few of the local pubs for keeping me in ‘High Spirits’!


See also: Lewes Bonfire Celebrations for a great write-up of the Lewes Bonfire and its history.

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