Moho Pro SVG Import plugin script – Easy Import SVG Vector, Illustrator, Affinity files with Layers

New Moho SVG Import tool. Learn how to import SVG directly from Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer + Photo + Publisher, Inkscape, Photopea, CorelDraw and many SVG asset sites.

The new addon that allows you to easily, reliably and faithfully import Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) assets into Moho Pro – ready for presentation and animation.

SimplSam’s SVG Import is a Moho Pro addon tool that allows you to import to Moho Animation whilst retaining Colors, Look & Feel and Layer structure. 

Moho SVG Import
Moho SVG Import

The tool was developed as an upgrade/replacement to the existing built-in SVG import process, and provides a range of enhanced features to improve 3rd party SVG application compatibility and end-user productivity.

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Ealing Half Marathon 2019 in Pictures

London’s favourite 5 times award winning Half Marathon:  Ealing Half Marathon 2019.

Ealing Half Marathon 2019
Ealing Half

The 8th Ealing Half Marathon took place on 29th Sep 2019 – spectacularly raising over £2 million for charity since its inception. It’s a fun and free annual spectator event that has taken place in London since 2012 on the humbled streets of Ealing, West London.

Ealing Half Marathon 2018
The Ealing Eagle (2018)

The streets of West London came alive with tens of thousands of runners and spectators for the race event on Sunday.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Edinburgh is a truly vibrant and exciting city. Walking along its streets and closes, you get to appreciate and feel the wonderful heritage of the Scottish culture infused with the sights, sounds and lively atmosphere of the bars and cafés as you travel throughout the city.

Beautiful historic views

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Brighton Mod Weekender 2019

We popped down to Brighton, England on the Summer bank holiday weekend  to check-out the fashion, music and culture of the infamous Brighton Mod Weekender 2019 scene.

The 2019 event ran between the 24th and 25th August .

I was literally overwhelmed by the shear level of styling and presentation of most of the scooters (and their owners) — So we decided to share some of our favourite photos with you and video below:

Brighton Mod Weekender 2019 – Photos of the day

Brighton Mod Weekender 2019

Enjoying the summer Sun.

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